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The Lighthouse in the Storm

This blog was originally posted in reference to depression, but it applies to the experience of any psychological (mental/emotional) state...

Recognize that "I am depressed" is a LIE. "I FEEL depressed" is the Truth. You are a beautiful, wonderful human being on the roller coaster of life, that's all. Shit happens TO YOU, but that doesn't make you shit! It just means shit happens. Shit like depression. You don't have to IDENTIFY with the depression. Remember you are NOT your body, your are NOT your mind, and you are NOT your emotions. You HAVE those things, and they go up and down all the time like a boat on the ocean. Your mood goes up and down, your energy goes up and down, and your state of mind goes from agitated to busy to calm and back. And so long as you THINK you're IN THE BOAT, all those waves are gonna make you FEEL SEASICK AF.

But what if you're not REALLY in the boat? What if you're ACTUALLY on shore, watching the boat going up and down, getting tossed around by stormy seas, while you're safe inside, feet firmly planted on solid ground?

Observe yourself. Remember your Self. Watch your mind; your emotions; your self-talk; your cravings and aversions, and your physical sensations. Whenever a thought arises: "I am hungry, I am horny, I am fat, I am depressed, I am enraged, I am ________," catch yourself, remind yourself: "No, I Am what I Am...I FEEL hungry, I FEEL horny, I FEEL fat, I FEEL depressed, I HAVE rage," etc.


DETACH yourself from the shit happening to you, and ACCEPT that what goes up, must come down. Nothing lasts forever. No, not even depression, so long as you observe yourself and remember yourself and accept that you cannot control the world and you cannot control what happens to you. Let go of your need to be in control of your life. There's only ONE THING you can control...YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE WORLD, and YOUR REACTION to what happens to you, and your ACCEPTANCE of the FACT that "this too shall pass," and your REMEMBERING that you are not in the boat, you are a calm, peaceful observer of the boat, safely on shore. The sea can't touch you, unless you let it. It can rock the boat all it wants--it can rock your mind, your heart, your body--but you are not your mind, your heart, nor your HAVE those things. You are What you are, and that is THE OBSERVER, the EXPERIENCER, the PLAYER of this VIDEO GAME called "life," but you are NOT REALLY Mario, Link, or Pikachu, etc.

This will start making much more sense when you DO IT. You have to PRACTICE, moment by moment: observe yourself and remember your Self. "I am what I am. I am not the boat. Storms come and they go. I'll watch them from THE LIGHTHOUSE."

What you will discover that every boat captain relies on The Lighthouse for guidance, so they don't crash against the rocks. It will be that much easier for your boat to navigate the storm of depression when you're shining the Light of your Calm Attention on it; yes, even in the middle of the shit-storm and fog.

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