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Step through the "Gateway To Gno*U" Retreat.

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Join us — Rest, Relax and Reexamine yourself at our 7 day Gno*U Retreat in the beautiful Mountain Range of Sierra de la Safor, Valencia, Spain this November (8-15). Learn the Analogous Ultimate Methodology to becoming your best self, doing your best work, living your best life and discovering your greatest purpose.

Savor three, all inclusive, delicious meals per day in the intimate setting of Casa Tarsan Eco Lodge. Learn to observe yourself and meditate to the glorious sunrise over the Mediterranean and enjoy organic herbal tea to the sunset behind the mountains.

We will guide you to Self Evident Experiential Knowledge of the Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM of Life & Psychology) and with that guidance, you will establish yourself as an intrepid explorer of life: with tools and techniques to examine and extract all that stands between you and achieving greater emotional intelligence, mental and physical equilibrium, and the path to realizing your full potential.

Let us embark on a journey of self-discovery together through the Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge of AUM. Let us SEEK the objective, practical, actionable reality of our loves free from dogma and false new age concepts. Whether you are religious, spiritual or atheist AUM applies. Learn the simple, secular and direct tools to working with AUM and how to apply them to yourself, your psychology, your life, relationships and work. Working positively with AUM not only can lead to your capacity to cope better with stress, anxiety, depression, psychological and emotional imbalances, etc., but in time can set you on course toward Self-Actualization: presence, awareness, serenity, peace, wisdom and love. To master life, you must master yourself and your world; and this starts with getting to Gno*U.

AUM is the culmination of over 40 years of Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge. It is irrefutable and undeniable...not because we say so, but because once you see it, you cant unsee it. Zen Buddhists see AUM as the ultimate expression of perfect enlightenment, they call it enso. Joseph Campbell saw AUM at the heart of over 6,500 world religions, mythologies, spiritual traditions, parables, fables, stories, et al, and he called it The Mono-myth of The Hero's Journey. However, Gno U delivers this phenomena in a new, simple and revolutionary way and we call it AUM.

Gno*U is not some New Age, self-help program. We offer a comprehensive practical approach to overcoming the obstacles standing between ourselves and our Best Self, and the means to acquiring Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge (SEEK). When we say SEEK Your Self, what we mean is Self-Knowledge which is not belief; neither wishful thinking nor subjective judgment. To SEEK Your Self means to know your Best Self by direct conscious experience.

We will share meditative walks around the stunning mountain range of La Safor and the beautiful River Serpis, movie nights under the stars and a sample of beach-side cuisine. We will share with you our version of living a life of meaning, and you will be invited to share your deepest longings and loftiest of goals — what perhaps no one else in your life understands or can relate to. And if you have yet to identify your purpose, you will begin to experience a shift away from the person you currently believe yourself to be, toward the Best Self you have every potential to become: the personification of AUM...a living, breathing human expression of the way, uniquely tailored to your own individual needs and destiny.

Come spend time together with us in the beauty and majesty of nature; help us help you draw inspiration form the universal AUM of Life all at work around you and within you.

It's not over When it's Over

Speaking of needs; cue our after-care team. It is quite common, that when people return home from retreats,they fall into the traps of their old ways and habits. We aim to remedy this. We will be offering free access to our technology partner: YouMethod. Thus, on returning home, and combined with your effort, you will have a platform that will help you to track and manage your mental wellness and help increase control over your own psychology, self awareness and self knowledge.

Gno*U will be posting regular articles and videos to assist in various ways. Our mission is to help and to serve others. Integral to our philosophy & intensity is the Japanese ideal Omotenashi—to see to others' needs. From perfected earthenware vessels to the perfect tea ceremony they serve, it is a recognition that every lump of clay has a purpose, the greatest being service. Thus, this is much more than a seven day retreat. It will be the birth of something new and the start of something lasting: a ticket back to the Real You. You will have access to the growing anonymous community of those participating, from all over the world, where you can share your joys and woes; exchange wisdom and words of encouragement and support. Sharing and caring helps and You method’s technological application, not only promotes, but also aids the premise that-we really are ALL in this together .

Come and join us and discover your hero within:

Further details, gallery and to register:

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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