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Gno*U Goes Live!

It's not everyday that a revolution begins. But today is such a day. With Gno*U - SEEK Your Self now online at a revolutionary way for individuals and organizations to understand the human condition and maximize human potential is born: the Analogous Ultimate Methodology...the AUM of Life.

From Self-Awareness to Self-Actualization
Gno*U - Self-Awareness to Self-Actualization via the AUM of Life

Gno*U is not some New Age, self-help program. It offers a comprehensive practical approach to overcoming the obstacles standing between ourselves and our Best Self, and the means to acquiring Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge (SEEK). When we say SEEK Your Self, what we mean is Self-Knowledge which is not belief; neither wishful thinking nor subjective judgment. To SEEK Your Self means to know your Best Self by direct conscious experience.

To do so requires a method. Not just any method, the Analogous Ultimate Methodology of Life and Psychology. Bringing practical Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge of AUM to organizations and individuals is Gno*U's purpose: through training, speaking engagements, retreats and consulting, Gno*U helps your enterprise and your people discover the universal methodology for achieving their highest potential and greatest good.

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