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Like a master potter, AUM works with the clay thrown on the wheel. The potter doesn't ask for a different lump of clay; rather, they set to the task of shaping and forming—via countless revolutions of AUM—as perfect a vessel as possible from the imperfect mass of clay spinning on the wheel. 

To craft the most perfect vessel possible requires relaxation, attention, discipline, patience and determination—a firm resolve and a soft touch. It also means working with intense fire & heat of the kiln to ensure a practical, strong & resilient vessel, able to endure whatever life requires of it or throws at it. 

Integral to our philosophy & intensity is the Japanese ideal Omotenashi—to see to others' needs. From perfected earthenware vessels to the perfect tea ceremony they serve, it is a recognition that every lump of clay has a purpose, the greatest being service: carry & store water; grow food in; tile roofs; et al.


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Founder, aka Attlas Allux

Attila is a social entrepreneur, consultant, coach and author with over 20 years marketing, branding and communications experience with start-up ventures. During his time in Japan, Attila witnessed first-hand a culture which embraced two principal tenets of AUM—kaizen (continuous search for perfection) & omotenashi (service to others)—in countless practical ways. While acquiring his MBA in 2002, he was diagnosed with adult-onset epilepsy & related depression. After getting nowhere with allopathic healthcare, he turned to the Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM). Within a short period of time his seizures stopped. Today he lives seizure-free and dedicates his life to The Attlas Project, including YouMethod, Gno*U and PeapodLife, practical solutions focused on helping humanity work with the AUM of Life to cope better with the world’s problems.


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Beginning her career in various roles, including Hotel entertainments manager/entertainer, assistant restaurant manager and croupier, Rose felt the call to pursue a career in the service of justice. After graduating with a Law degree she began teacher training and lectured Law at university. She managed a few in-house company law departments and worked within a solicitors office. However, over time she discovered she actually had been called to pursue a life in the service of Universal Justice. She began taking on rolls such as PA and assistant retreat facilitator, focusing on becoming the best version of herSelf by applying the AUM of Life. Naturally, as a witness of its power, she found herself drawn to Gno*U, and the opportunity to assist others in acquiring the tools they need to SEEK the tranformative power of AUM in their own lives.




Personal Infomatics & Group Sharing Application/Solution 

  • Track Your Mood, State, Energy

  • Record New or Recurring Stories

  • Accept & Make Peace with Circumstances

  • See Patterns & Reveal New Secrets

  • Reflect on Past & See Current Progress

  • Synthesize & Share Insights with Others

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*Gno derives from the Greek word gnosis meaning 'knowledge from direct experience' or 'self-evident knowledge' from which wisdom is born.

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